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Andrew and Sue Blyth

Andrew Blyth is currently responsible for the publication of brass and choral music by the Salvation Army. He was previously Leader of the Salvation Army’s premier choral group, the International Staff Songsters, and was a member of the International Staff Band for over ten years. In recent years he also had the privilege of being the Bandmaster of the Enfield Citadel Band. He has also been actively involved in Salvation Army music schools for a number of years and has undertaken leadership roles both in this country and abroad. His compositional output has now more than eighty of his own compositions and arrangements published in the UK and overseas.

Derek Lance

Territorial Music Secretary & Bandmaster of the New York Staff Band

Audition Locations

All campers must have an audition in their major track (Brass/Percussion, Vocal and Timbrel). Everyone must also take a choral audition. Look at the list below to find the location where you will take your auditions.

Electives (All Campers)

All campers will need to sign up for an elective class. The elective confirmation location will be at the end of the registration table in front of the program office.


At the end of camp, awards and scholarships are awarded to the top musicampers. Each award has different criteria and eligibility requirements. To be eligible for an award, campers may not leave camp before the final Sunday afternoon program; the camper must be present during the awards ceremony. Take the time to review this list. Perhaps, you may be able to achieve one of these great honors.