OOB Camp Meetings

Commissioners Adams

Clive is a teacher by profession and taught at a primary school for three years before entering training college as a “Herald of Hope” (1981-1983).  Marianne worked in a care home before entering training as a member of the “Guardians of the Truth” session (1983-1985). They were married in 1990 following a courtship conducted over the expanse of two continents, with Marianne, a Norwegian, living in Northern Europe and Clive, a South African, living in Southern Africa.  (Their courtship is worth a hearing!)

Clive and Marianne have each served as corps officers in their respective home territories, and Clive also served on a mission station, and on the Training College staff before their marriage.  Together, they have served as corps officers in the UK (a “neutral” territory was chosen because they could not serve in South Africa due to Apartheid laws) and divisional youth secretaries in Norway before being appointed to IHQ as Co-ordinators for the International Youth Forum which was held in Cape Town in the mid-90s.  Southern Africa followed where they served as leaders of the Training College and then in divisional leadership. In 2005, Clive and Marianne were appointed to the Norway, Iceland & The Færoes Territory respectively as Field & Programme Secretary and Territorial Home & Families Secretary. They were subsequently appointed as Chief Secretary and Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries before becoming territorial leaders of that territory in December 2010. In 2013, they became the leaders of the United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland, and in January, 2018, became the leaders of the Sweden and Latvia Territory.  Their officership has taken them to live in Mozambique (Clive), the Færoe Islands (Marianne), South Africa, Norway, the United Kingdom and Sweden, and to minister in Swaziland, Lesotho, Iceland the Republic of Ireland and Latvia.

As they gather together all that God has taught them in their previous experiences and appointments, they can confirm that their understanding of leadership has been developed; the importance of faithfulness – as they have served alongside unheralded heroes of the faith in comparatively small settings doing mission – has been highlighted; their understanding of the value of team has increased, and that planning and prayer are not mutually exclusive. Clive shares:

‘I am convinced that Salvationism is typified by a free spirit rather than a template shape – it is practised rather than patterned or even patented.’ 

Clive particularly enjoys (watching!!!) sports especially cricket, rugby and football, and visiting new places. Marianne loves gardening, reading and nature. They have two strongly independent children, Robert and Kristin based in Norway, who are currently in the process of starting their careers.