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Trade Store

Visit the OOB Trade Store to access Salvation Army uniform supplies, polos, T-Shirts, Others Trade for Hope merchandise, and Salvation Army promotional gifts. This is also the home for all Household Troops recordings and SA music publications.

OOB Bible Studies

Lt. Colonel Pat LaBossiere and Dr. David Rightmire will be leading the Bible Studies this year.

Lead Summit

July 28-August 3: The LEAD Summit is held at the University of New England in Biddeford, ME.

Josh Wilson

Will be performing Friday Night at the Seaside Pavilion.

Family Night

Tuesday, July 31st at 5PM located at the Seaside Pavilion

Fireworks, August 2.

Enjoy a spectacular evening of fireworks with musical accompaniment by Crossfire Brass. Don’t forget to bring your​Gospel Pen for the Gospel Pen Challenge!

Household Troops

The Household Troops Band of The Salvation Army was formed in 1887 from a group previously known as the Life Guards. An advertisement in the Salvation Army newspaper The War Cry read: ‘If you’re young, if you’re saved, if you’re physically fit, if you can play a brass instrument … are prepared to leave home and family for six months active service for God and the Army … then be at Clapton Congress Hall on 12 March 1887.’The Band was formed of 25 brass instrumentalists, each wearing a white pith military helmet (the normal military headgear of the day), a red guernsey, blue trousers and gaiters. The bandmaster was Staff-Captain Harry Appleby and the tour lasted six months and was followed by another tour to Canada in October 1888, which saw the Band become the first Salvation Army band to cross the Atlantic.

Dr. David Rightmire

Dr. David Rightmire teaches at Asbury University, where he has served as Professor of Bible and Theology since 1985, teaching a variety of courses in New Testament, Christian Theology, and Church History. His academic preparation includes a B.A. in history from Bloomfield College, a M.Div. from Asbury Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D. in theological studies from Marquette University.

Lt. Colonel Pat LaBossiere

Lt. Colonel Pat LaBossiere has been a Salvation Army officer for 33 years. She has enjoyed serving with her husband Jim as Corps Officers in Massachusetts and in Youth Ministry for 11 years. Following their appointment as Divisional Leaders of the Northern New England Division, Lt. Colonel Pat was appointed to THQ as the Territorial Secretary for Spiritual Life Development.

Commissioners Adams

Clive is a teacher by profession and taught at a primary school for three years before entering training college as a “Herald of Hope” (1981-1983). Marianne worked in a care home before entering training as a member of the “Guardians of the Truth” session (1983-1985). They were married in 1990 following a courtship conducted over the expanse of two continents, with Marianne, a Norwegian, living in Northern Europe and Clive, a South African, living in Southern Africa. (Their courtship is worth a hearing!)

Pavilion Parking

Parking in the Pavilion area is limited, however, parking is available at the Old Orchard Beach High School at 40 E. Emerson Cummings Boulevard. Free shuttles will start running 1 hour before each meeting (except Thursday), with return trips to the parking lot following events. Watch for Pavilion parking signs as you approach the area. Please park only in designated parking areas, preferably at the High School. Police will ticket vehicles illegally parked on the streets, blocking driveways or parked on lawn areas. Vehicles will be subject to towing

Freedom 5K Run

The 4th annual Freedom 5 K Run will be taking take place on Monday, July 30, near the ocean in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

Prayer Opportunities

The Territorial Spiritual Life Development Department has once again created a Prayer Resource for the Old Orchard Beach Camp Meetings called “Rhythms of Prayer.” This resource explores six prayer disciplines providing history, theological background, and helpful thoughts on practicing the prayer. You’ll find “Rhythms of Prayer” in the OOB section of the SAconnects App, and there will be limited printed copies available at the Pavilion.