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Visit the OOB Trade Store to access Salvation Army uniform supplies, polos, T-Shirts, Others Trade for Hope merchandise, and Salvation Army promotional gifts. This is also the home for all Household Troops recordings and SA music publications.

OOB Bible Studies

Lt. Colonel Pat LaBossiere and Dr. David Rightmire will be leading the Bible Studies this year.


Invitation to Retreat – A Book Review
Spiritual Life Development

Invitation to Retreat Author: Ruth Haley BartonHaving read a number of Ruth Haley Barton’s writings as well my own personal desire for a time of retreat, when the opportunity came to preview Invitation to Retreat I was eager to begin reading. Ruth Haley Barton did not disappoint with a book that is

Worship Arts Convocation 2019
Territorial Arts Ministries

InfoArtists and Musicians, join us for the Territorial Worship Arts Convocation! Gather with fellow leaders and participants in the arts and contemporary music ministry as we look at the many ways we can use our art forms to share the gospel and love of God.Who: The Convocation is designed for those

A Few Thoughts on Pain
Spiritual Life Development

Do you know the saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun”? When you’re in pain, it seems that the complete opposite is true. The moments crawl and you feel every minute.I recently had surgery on my mouth. They pulled 6 teeth and removed 6 screws from my previous bone graft. The pain has been excr

Col. Janet Munn
Territorial Arts Ministries

Arts In Action | Testimony Series | Col. Janet Munn My attitude made a complete reversal in an instant – from bored disengagement to energized alertness. I was a SalvationArts In Action | Testimony Series | Col. Janet MunnCol. Janet MunnMy attitude made a complete reversal in an instant – from bored

Spiritual Life Development

Since its inception, the Salvation Army’s duel mission of saving souls and serving suffering humanity has been undergirded by the spiritual lives of soldiers and officers serving in its ranks. The International Spiritual Life Commission (ISLC), convened by General Paul A. Rader (R) in 1996, called S

CAST & Godspell

“The beauty of ‘Godspell’ is what is happening under the surface. There’s a lot going on!” wrote Anna Street, director of the play that has toured the USA Eastern Territory this summer. “What has captured my imagination most are the small but significant moments of realization, revelation, connectio

Our True Home
Spiritual Life Development

If I’m being honest, watching the national news these days feels like a full contact sport. Our heightened awareness of abuse of all kinds, the cutthroat widening of the political aisle, the lack of decency for others and traditional norms being “blown out of the water” leaves a believer muttering t

Special Observance Sunday
Booth Youth

Special Observance Sunday MaterialUse the table below to find upcoming SOS (Special Observance Sunday) dates, download material, and find additional resources from previous years of Youth Sundays.2018 SOS Dates Poster (Updated!)First Decision SundayJanuary 28Candidates/Corps Cadet SundayFebruary 4J

Bio – Capt. Olivia Munn-Shirsath
Territorial Arts Ministries

Worship Arts Convocation | Special Guest | Capt. Olivia Munn-Shirsath Olivia and her husband, Pratik, are the corps officers of the Times Square Corps in midtown Manhattan. She has a passion for creative arts and urban ministry.Olivia and Pratik are the founders of The Glory Shop, a discipleship sc